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Gemini II News: October & November Update

Posted Date: 12/05/2018

Gemini II News: October & November Update

These last two months have been full speed ahead with our Gemini II redesign. We are officially in the stages of Designing the Rocket!

After our district in-service in September where we started tossing out implementation ideas, October blew in with teacher excitement and a buzz of conversations in our buildings. Each building began their months by meeting as a staff and starting to
discuss and narrow down potential redesign efforts that would make an impact in their school communities. The High School came right out of the gate with an overwhelming consensus on their top 3 ideas and celebrated with sparkling grape juice and toasts.
Lincoln and the ELC also met as a staff and had a profound and remarkable, collaborative discussion, narrowing down their thoughts into 5 large topics. Each building then went back and spent the next month researching and gathering data and information on their topics.

November began with the district team attending regional training in Independence. Implementing and organizing research teams and setting goals was the objective of the meeting.

On November 19th, each building met once again to discuss their potential initiatives for our redesign. The high school spent the morning in their teams, researching. The elementary school spent the morning as a whole staff discussing each of the 5 topics
previously discussed, and collaboratively narrowing it down to our top 3 initiatives.

Even though there is much more discussion, planning, and organizing to be done, Fredonia USD 484 is proud to announce our Gemini Redesign Initiatives as follows:

Fredonia Junior Senior High School will be working on implementing:

Social/Emotional Learning

  • Tying together trauma informed care and coordinating with the elementary school on social and emotional characteristics.

Re-establishing the School Day

  • Focus on making changes to the schedule to benefit both teaching and learning.

Credit Based Curriculum

  • Include a drastic redesign of content along with a credit system similar to competency/standards based systems. Students will stay in a course until they have learned the content, moving at different paces/rates.

Lincoln and the Early Learning Center will be working on implementing:

Trauma Informed Care/Social Emotional Curriculum/Family Time

  • This will include enforcing character traits and soft skills, as well as making connections across grade levels with all students to improve their emotional well-being.

Standards Based Grading/Differentiated Learning

  • Students will be graded based on their skills/mastery of the content rather than a letter grade or a score.
  • Teachers will also focus on differentiated teaching/learning to help reach all students and their styles of learning instead of teaching to the whole.


  • We will continue working on and progressing our MTSS time to help improve student’s reading abilities.

With our initiatives in mind, we will wrap up the first Semester with an in-service day outing in December. Teachers will get to choose a school they would like to visit for the day where they will observe some of the initiatives looking to be implemented for ideas and inspiration.

We are beyond ready to Build this Rocket!! Go Yellowjackets!!

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